St. Mary's Cemetery, Hooppole, Illinois

Anthony Sittler, my great great grandfather

Josephine (Schmitt) Sittler, wife of Anthony Sittler. She was my great great grandmother.

Frank William Sittler, the son of Anthony & Josephine Sittler. He was unmarried, and was the last one to live on the Sittler Farm near Hooppole, before retiring to Geneseo.

Jennie Emma Sittler, the daughter of Anthony & Josephine. She moved to Wichita, Kansas when she was about 18 years old, to be with her sister, Mary Josephine, who was in poor health for most of her life. She worked as a bookkeeper and then retired to Geneseo, to live with her sister, Ida Clara Sittler. She never married.

Ida Clara Sittler. She never married, and lived with her brother Frank on the Sittler farm, until they retired to Geneseo.

Anna Amelia Sittler. She never married, and worked as a housekeeper for Father Walter Hahn, in Earlville, IL, and then in Napa, CA.