Some pictures from the Lee Center, Illinois Area

This is the house that sits on the farm that belonged to my great great grandfather, Samuel Burton Starks. It's just southeast of Lee Center, just north of the cemetery. In the current property record description, it lists it as being part of the "Sawyer Farm". That makes historical sense, since Samuel Burton Starks married a Sawyer, and they ended up owning some of the land that belonged to Darius Sawyer.

This house is located on some of the land that my great great great great grandfather, Charles Starks owned. It's the piece of land that he bought in 1839 and moved onto in 1842. Charles died in 1874. Emilie Rod, the lady who currently lives there says that the house is over a hundred years old and could possibly date back to the time of Charles Starks, but she isn't sure. Update: I found that this house was built in 1896, so Charles must have lived in an earlier house.

The view from the front of the house. Charles also owned the land on the other side of the road, where the corn field is.