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Sittler John F. [Male] b. SEP 1785 Mussig, Alsace, France - d. 25 FEB 1873 Annawan, IL

Also called Jean Sittler.

This side of the family had only just arrived in Alsace in the 1700s. They came from Switzerland, and moved to Alsace, because of a hunger in Switzerland.

Left Germany with 3 of his children, to move to America. The emigration records do not exist.

Jean Sittler (a widower) and his son Jean Sittler and also the Fritsch family went to Hooppole, IL, and built St. Mary's Church in Hooppole.

There were still Indians living in that part of Illinois at the time that they came there. Jean Sittler borrowed money to buy swampland, which the Sittler family drained.

The families from Mussig stayed together to help eachother. Jean Sittler gave 55 dollars, the largest contribution, to start St. Mary's Church. They had been having church in their homes before that.

A man named Vernon Blackert owns the old Sittler farm now, and still has the old sales contracts. His son-in-law, John Derycke, currently lives in the house. I met him in October of 2008. John Sittler bought the first piece of land in 1863, and the family bought additional pieces of land in 1867, 1868, 1878, and 1879. The Sittlers lived on that farm from 1863 to 1951. Within a few years, they were prosperous.

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Sidler Oswald [Male] b. 16 DEC 1781 Mussig, Alsace, France

Came to DuPage Co, IL, ca. 1842

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Sidler Oswald [Male] b. 13 APR 1827 Mussig, Alsace, France

Lived at Wheaton, IL.

Some of his children lived near Merna, NE, and are ancestors of Ed Sittler, Connie Tillotson and others.

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Sittler Marie Anna [Female] b. 1 FEB 1814 - d. 16 FEB 1837 Mussig, Alsace, France

This may not be the correct Marie Sittler for this information. I have not been able to prove that it fits here, but it is very interesting, with lots of similarities that would lead me to believe it does fit here. Many of the names are the same, but some things are very confusing, too.

This is the information from:

1.10.1 John Baptise YACKLEY

Birth: 24 Jul 1836, Wittisheim, Alsace-Loraine, France

Death: 17 Jan 1900, Yorktown Twp., Henry, IL

Burial: St. Mary's Cemetery, Hooppole, Loraine Twp., IL

Occ: Farmer

Educ: in France

Reli: Catholic

Named Jean Baptiste Jaegli, took the name of John Yackley when he immigrated to US in 1851 with his parents, Michel and Marie Anne Engel Jaegli. Michel died on the voyage to America and was buried at sea. Marie Anne died of yellow fever after arriving in New Orleans. The woman who was to have looked after John, stole his money and left him to fend for himself. He walked to Naperville, Illinois where he found others from Alsace. He came by covered wagon with a group and settled in Yorktown Twp., Henry County, IL.

Spouse: Catherine GROSE

Birth: 5 Apr 1845, Mussig, France

Death: 24 May 1925, Henry County, IL

Father: John GROSE

Mother: Marie SITTLER

Marr: 27 Dec 1862, Cambridge, Henry, IL

Children: Mary (1863-1951) Amelia (1864-1864) Philomina "Minnie" (1865-1947) Roscelia "Celia" (1867-1903) Frank (1869-1870) John (1871-1955) Albert (1873-1943) Louise (1875-1964) Catherine "Kate" (1877-1951) William "Willie" (1878-1958) Charles (1880-1906) Martha (1882-1971) GeorgeS. (1884-1966) Arthur (1884-1974) Clara (1886-1973) IdaM. (1887-1888) Josephine (1888-1888) Edward (1890-1891)

Mary Yackley

Birth: 8 Oct 1863, Yorktown Twp., Henry, IL

Death: 18 Dec 1951, Prophetstown, Whiteside, IL

Burial: 1951, St. Mary's Cemetery, Hooppole, Loraine Twp., IL

Occ: homemaker

Educ: Loraine Twp schools, Yorktown schools

Reli: Catholic-St. Mary's Church, Hooppole, Henry, IL

Spouse: Barnhart EGERT

Birth: 14 Jun 1863, Loraine Twp., Henry Co., IL

Death: 25 Jan 1924, Loraine Twp., Henry Co., IL

Father: Barnhart EGERT (1836-1867)

Mother: Marie-Anne CLEMENTZ (1844-1889)

Marr: 3 Nov 1885, St. Mary's Cemetery, Hooppole, Loraine Twp., IL

Children: Emma Lorraine (1886-1971) mar Charles Grose

Mary Philomina "Mamie" (1888-1899) died of measles

Bernard John "Barney" (1890-1972) mar Madge Jones, later Elfie Remme

Louise Catherine (1892-1972) mar Fred Wirth

Ella Nora (1894-1951) mar Gilbert Park

Leona Clara (1896-1976) mar Walter Sommers

Raymond Albert (1898-1966) deaf from the measles that killed Mamie

unknown (Stillborn) (1900-1900)

Florence Irene (1902-1956) mar Ray Farrell

Marion Sylvester (1904-1973) mar Grace Curran (my direct line)

Arthur Herbert (1906-1992) mar Marjorie Schuryver

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Illinois Ancestors

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Sittler Catharina [Female] b. 5 NOV 1819 - d. 15 APR 1888 Hooppole, Henry Co, IL

Lived at Annawan, IL

Also called Katharina.

Katharina Sittler and Moritz Fritsch came to America with John Sittler (the elder) and then to western Illinois together.

Katharina was friends with the Indians.

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Kendig John [Male]


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Kendig Roy [Male]

President of State Bank of Wheatland, WY.

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Kendig Robert [Male]

90 Acorn Lane, Highland Park, IL.

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Fangmeier Sophia [Female]

Lived at Deshler, NE

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Veith Minnie Lillian [Female] b. 25 JUN 1874 Circleville, Pickaway Co, OH - d. 9 JUN 1965 Springfield, Clark Co, OH

Also sometimes spelled as Minnie Vieht.

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Sittler Walter [Male]

Lived in Sun City, Arizona

Well-known heart specialist in Chicago.

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Sittler Joseph [Male]

Professor, Chicago, IL (Theology)

Also a Lutheran minister.

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Sittler Mary [Female]

Lived in Tucson, AZ

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Sittler Louis [Male] b. 3 NOV 1906 Upper Sandusky, OH

Undertaker, Albuquerque, NM

Mayor of St. Mary's, near Lima, OH.

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Sittler Margaret [Female]

Lived in Springfield, OH

Associate professor of history at Wittenberg University.

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Sittler Loring [Male]

Lived in Chicago, IL


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Sittler Edward Vieth [Male] b. 1916 Delaware, OH - d. ABT. 1974

Professor, Regensburg, Germany.

Father of Walter Sittler, the actor.

Went back to Germany from America in 1937, for education. He became a translator in Berlin, for radio. He worked there as a student, because he needed the money. He became a radio broadcaster there, to replace a Douglas Chandler. He broadcasted Nazi propaganda from Germany to America, starting in 1943.

NSDAP (Nazi) membership card dated 02/15/1942.

Professor of Literature.

Could not find steady employment after returning to America from his time in Germany, because of his Nazi connection. His wife made an advertisement for Quaker Oats, to help support the family. He taught at the University of Everston in Chicago for only a few months. There were large protests when he began there as a lecturer. From there, he went to Columbus, OH.

Renaturalization into the United States was refused to Edward.

Was a well-read and edjucated man.

He was described by his son Loring as a 100% convinced Nazi, a real propagandist. (translation might be slightly off?)

His son Karl says "he accepted the German nationality, because he was convinced that the American direction was wrong."

He is described as having little relationship with his father. He was closer to his mother.

He was the youngest of the 8 siblings.

Professor at Alfred College in New York.

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Sittler Charles [Male]

Lived in Kansas City, MO

Also went back to Germany with Edward V. Sittler in the 1930s.

Bacteriologist at University Hospital, Columbus, OH.

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Sittler Paul [Male]

Lived in Monte Vista, CO

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Sittler Frank [Male]

Druggist, Deshler, NE

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