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Bigelow Jonathan [Male] b. 11 DEC 1646 Watertown, MA - d. 9 JAN 1710/11

born 11 December 1646 in Watertown, Middlesex co, MA. He early went to Hartford, Connecticut, where he married (1) in 1671 Rebecca Shepard, daughter of John and Rebecca (Greenhill) Shepard, who was born in Hartford in 1650. She died before 1686, when Jonathan married (2)Mary Olcott, daughter of Samuel and Sarah(Stocking) Olcott. Mary was probably mother of Jonathan's five youngest children. She died 7 March 1697. He then married (3)Mary (Benton) Cole, widow of Nathaniel Cole, and a daughter of Andrew and Hannah (Stocking) Benton.

Jonathan died 9 January 1711, and his widow then married on 19 March 1713 Deacon John Shepard, brother of Jonathan's first wife. She died 27 December 1752, allegedly aged 98 years, 7 months, 26 days.

Jonathan's land was recorded as early as 1674, and is described as bounded west on the road leading to Wethersfield. His children Jonathan jr, Rebecca, Mary, Sarah, John, and Violet, children of his first wife Rebecca, are mentioned in a controversy over settlement of their grandfather John Shepard's estate in 1685.

Jonathan's will appointed Mary his wife and son Joseph as executors, and mentions all surviving children, with Thomas Olcott appointed as guardian of the two youngest,who were 15 and 18 years of age. In 1711 the guardianship was changed, with Samuel Benton appointed guardian of Daniel, and Deacon John Shepard guardian of Samuel. Hartford records are not complete, but the following are children of Jonathan Bigelow, and all were born at Hartford, Hartford county, Connecticut:

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Bigelow Daniel [Male] b. 1 DEC 1650 Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA - d. ABT. 1715

He settled in Framingham, MA as early as 1686, and was a tailor by trade. They lived near the east end of what was known as Gleason's Pond. Daniel died about 1715, and his wife outlived him. Births of his children are found in the vital records of Sherborn, of which Framingham was then a part.

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Bigelow Joshua [Male] b. 5 NOV 1655 Watertown, MA - d. 1745

Joshua served in the colonial engagement known as King Phillip's War, as a member of Capt. Ting's company. He was wounded, and as a result was given a grant of land in Narragansett No. 2, which we know as Westminister, MA. However, Joshua continued to live in Watertown until his last few years, the grant passing to his son Eleizer. See also Bodge's volume on the colonial wars.
Joshua was appointed executor of his father's will, along with his brother in law Isaac LARNED. In return for which he received a larger share of his father's estate than did his brothers and sisters. He appears to have been well known in his lifetime.
Howe's Bigelow Family in America says that "in his 87th year, being anxious to reside on the land he had earned at the peril of his life", Joshua removed to Westminister with his son Eleizer, and lived there until his death on 1 Feb 1745. He outlived all his brothers and sisters save Abigail (BIGELOW) HARRINGTON

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Warren Daniel Capt. [Male] b. 30 APR 1686 Watertown, MA - d. BEF. 1733

He served in the French and Indian War, according to one source, but since he was deceased by 1734, it was more likely in one of the local Indian uprisings

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Fiske Hannah [Female] b. 29 AUG 1680 Watertown, MA - d. 7 OCT 1733 Weston, MA

The family lived in that part of Watertown which was in 1713 set off as the town of Weston; therefore the birth of the 5 oldest children was Watertown, 3 youngest Weston. Through Hannah Fisk's Mother, who was born Mary WARREN, descendants have a second Warren line of ancestry, Mary WARREN being daughter of Daniel WARREN, who was brother to John(1) Biglo's wife Mary WARREN

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Bigelow Ebenezer [Male] b. 4 SEP 1698

born 4 Sept 1698; married 29 May 1720 Hannah BROWNE. They moved to Weston, then Worchester, next Newton, then Waltham. Ebenezer was a ship's carpenter, and is said to have died in Cuba. Church records show 12 children, several of whom have proved untraceable.

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Bigelow Joshua [Male] b. 5 FEB 1701/02 Watertown, MA

They lived in Weston until 1745, when he bought 75 acres of land in Worcester from Samuel ANDREWS, father-in-law to Col. Timothy BIGELOW. In 1749 he bought the adjoining tract of land, giving him altogether 300 acres. On 30 Jan 1750 his house was destroyed by fire, and a son and daughter burned to death. The Boston News-Letter reported the fire "caused by a stick rolling off the log in the kitchen." Joshua lived the remainder of his life in Worcester, and was representative to the General Court from 1768 to 1774, a selectman in 1747, then 1767 to 1773, 1775, and 1778; in later years he led a retired life, In Sep 1788 his son was appointed his guardian His death was reported in the Boston Centinel issue of 5 Jun 1790. His will, dated 1787, mentions son, William, Thaddeus, and Asa, daughters Esther MOORE and Anna, and grandson William MOORE. Asa was appointed executor. After his death son Thaddeus acquired the property but later removed to Rutland.

Children of Joshua and Lydia (HASTINGS) BIGELOW, all but the youngest born Weston, Middlesex co, MA:

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Bigelow Nathaniel [Male] b. 17 JUN 1707 Watertown, MA - d. 1795 Framingham, MA

He was married in Newton 22 Nov 1733 to Hannah ROBINSON, daughter of William and Elizabeth ROBINSON (she was sister to Thankful ROBINSON who was second wife of Joseph BIGELOW). She was born in Newton 11 Sept 1709. They lived in Weston, MA many years, but prior to 1766 moved to Framingham, and bought the John WHITNEY farm of 76 acres. On 1 Apr 1783, Nathaniel leased the farm to his son-in-law Levi Metcalf for the sum of 500 silver money, for the term of 907 years, said Metcalf to pay Bigelow or his heirs annually on the 25th of March one barleycorn. Nathaniel and Hannah were admitted to the Framingham church from Weston in 1767; he was Tithingham in 1769, and Overseer of Poor 1770. Hannah died in Framingham 23 Feb 1773. Nathaniel married (2) Mary, widow of Nathaniel Stacy. The NEHG Register gives her death as 14 Dec 1818. While Howe's Bigelow genealogy gives no death date for Nathaniel, the Columbian Centinel of 7 Mar 1795 says he died "recently in Framingham, aged 89 years."

Children of Nathaniel and Hannah (ROBINSON) BIGELOW, all born Weston, Middlesex co, MA:

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Bigelow Thaddeus [Male] b. 26 SEP 1728 Weston, MA - d. ABT. 1810

They lived in Worcester for many years, and when his father died in 1792, Thaddeus came into possession of the old homestead and an amount of property owned by his father. In April 1798 he disposed of his property and moved to Rutland, with his son Joseph. His death was reported as recent "in Rutland in his 81st year" in the Columbia Centinel, issue of 13 Jan 1810. We have no death date for his wife Rebecca.

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Gates Margaret [Female] b. 27 AUG 1721 Cambridge, MA - d. 15 FEB 1812 Brattleborough, VT

They lived at Athol, MA until their later years, when they moved to Brattleborough, VT to live with their daughter Esther. William died at Brattleborough 13 Feb 1815 (another source has July); his wife Margaret died there 15 Feb 1812 age 91 years

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Bigelow Asa [Male] b. 13 SEP 1738 Weston, MA - d. 22 SEP 1807 Brookfield, MA

Asa served in the army in the Revolution in 1778. They moved early to Brookfield, and he died there 22 Sep 1807. Rebecca died in Brookfield 31 Jan 1833.

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Bigelow Elisha Tyler [Male] b. 15 MAY 1844 Griswold, CT - d. 7 JUL 1863 Harris Landing, VA

drummer in Civil War

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Parkhurst Josiah [Male] b. 8 MAR 1735/36 Weston, MA - d. 1832 Marlboro, NH

served in revolutionary war

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Metcalf Levi [Male] b. 16 FEB 1745/46 - d. 22 APR 1832 Framingham, MA

served in revolutionary war

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Bigelow Nathaniel [Male] b. 15 NOV 1750 Weston, MA - d. 7 MAR 1832 Leominster, MA

served in revolutionary war, adn at the battle of Ticonderoga in 1779

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Bigelow John [Male] b. 24 APR 1783 Framingham, MA - d. 30 MAY 1864 Framingham, MA

He was married 20 Jan 1814 in Leominster to Elizabeth Follansbee, who was born 27 Apr 1793 in Leominster. They moved to Marlborough, NH where their two oldest children were born. Before 1818 they moved to Framingham, MA, where with his brothers, John was part-owner of Bigelow Paper Company. They lived in Framingham until John's death, 30 May 1864 in Framingham. Elizabeth then moved to Leominster, where she died 24 Apr 1873.

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Symes Herman Edwin [Male] b. 24 SEP 1862 Orwell, Ashtabula Co, OH - d. 8 AUG 1954 Hartford, Minnehaha County, SD

09/24/1862 Orwell, Ashtabula County, Ohio... Herman Edwin Symes was born.

03/29/1867 Nelson, Portage County, Ohio... Myrta Amelia Roper was born.

07/02/1886 Nelson, Portage County, Ohio... Herman Edwin Symes and Myrta Amelia Roper were married.

12/05/1887 Gibbon, Buffalo County, Nebraska... Corra May Symes was born.

1889 Herman Edwin Symes and Myrta Amelia Roper moved from Nebraska to Troutdale, Multnomah County, Oregon.

01/21/1890 Troutdale, Multnomah County, Oregon... Corra's brother, Charles Stephen Symes was born.

12/27/1894 Eugene, Lane County, Oregon... Corra's sister, Ella Marie Symes was born.

1896 Herman Edwin Symes and Myrta Amelia Roper were living in Los Angeles, California.

1897 Herman Edwin Symes and Myrta Amelia Roper were living in Illinois.

04/05/1900 Walton, Lee County, Illinois... Corra's sister, Flora Elmina Symes was born.

05/30/1903 Walton, Lee County, Illinois... Corra's brother, George H. Symes was born.

1904 Herman Edwin Symes and Myrta Amelia Roper were living in Ohio.

1906 Herman Edwin Symes and Myrta Amelia Roper were living in Illinois again.

12/06/1908 Amboy Township, Lee County, Illinois... Corra May Symes and Roy Darius Starks were married.

1911 Herman Edwin Symes and Myrta Amelia Roper were living in Hartford, Minnehaha County, South Dakota.

06/18/1913 Dixon, Lee County, Illinois... Charles Herman Starks was born.

08/22/1913 Hartford, SD... Corra's sister, Ella Marie Symes died.

1917 Corra May Symes and Roy Darius Starks were living in Lee County, Illinois, with children Myrta, Norville, Charles, & Raymond.

06/17/1943 Hartford, Minnehaha County, South Dakota... Myrta Amelia Roper died.

08/08/1958 Hartford, Minnehaha County, South Dakota... Herman Edwin Symes died.

1969 Sioux Falls, Minnehaha County, South Dakota... Corra May Symes was living at 909 S. Walts Avenue.

When H. E. Symes was little more than two years old he had the good fortune of shaking hands with President Abe Lincoln who was giving a speech from the rear platform of a train. When H.E. was about eight years old (1870-1871) he played the snare drums in the marching band in a parade held for President Ulysses S. Grant.

More About Herman Edwin Symes and Myrta Amelia Roper:
Marriage: July 01, 1886, Garrettsville, OH.

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Roper Myrta Amelia [Female] b. 29 MAR 1866 Nelson, Portage County, OH - d. 17 JUN 1943 Hartford, Minnehaha County, SD

Place: NE to Troutdale OR in 1889; Los Angeles CA 1896; IL 1897; OH 1904; IL 1906; Hartford SD 1911

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Roper Charles Lawson [Male] b. 14 FEB 1837 Windham, Portage Co, OH - d. 1923 Seattle, King Co, WA or Portland, OR

may have resided: Res O'Brien (near Seattle WA)

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Roper Nathaniel [Male] b. 23 FEB 1758 Sterling, Worcester Co, MA - d. 28 MAY 1800 New Hartford, Oneida Co, NY

His service in assisting in the establishment of American Independence during the war of the Revolution are given below:

"Enlisted July 10, 1776, in response to emergency call, out for 8 months mostly at Dorchester Heights. Soon after his marriage, on alarm of Sir Henry Clinton's attack on Newport, Rhode Island, re-enlisted and was corporal in troops stationed near Newport from August 1 to September 16, 1776."

Proof of service: The Roper Book, published 1904 under the auspices of the Roper Association, page 95

Nathanael Roper served actively as a Militia man with the Minute Men at the Battle of Lexington.

Reference for service: Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in Revolutionary War. XIII, 563

Before 1781, Sterling was part of Lancaster Massachusetts.

Name: Nathanael (63) ROPER
Sex: M
Birth: 23 Feb 1758 in Lancaster (now Sterling) MA
Death: 28 May 1800 in New Hartford NY
His service in assisting in the establishment of American Independence during the war of the Revolution are given below:

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