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Gossman Susannah E. [Female] b. 27 DEC 1848 Rose Farm, Morgan Co, OH - d. 5 AUG 1925 Benton Co, IA

General Notes: Morgan Co., Ohio, Marriage Records, Book E, 1 February 1867-19 September 1878, Leonard Brecht and Susanna E. Gassman (Gossman) were married 20 February 1870, by J. S. Collins, Catholic Priest, page 223.
Church of the Atonement Cemetery records: Gossman, Susannah, wife of John J. died 20 May, 1895, age 79y, 3m, 20d.
Dates for Susannah Gossman Brecht come from "Brecht Family
Tree" by Iver Brecht.
Brecht Family History has her born 1848 and died 30 May 1924 in either Norway or Fairfax, Iowa. Also, the 1900 Census states that she was born February 1848. We previously had a birth date of 27 February 1848. The 1880 Census gives her age as 32, so it sounds like the 1848 date must be right. Don't know where the 23 April 1847 date came from, except that a Gossman descendant, Elmer Gossman, had that date and where he got it, I don't know.

Another source says Susannah was born in Crooksville, Ohio.
1850 Census, OH, Perry Co., Bearfield Twp., Pgs. 274B & 275A, Lines 42 & 1, 148/148, 11 & 12 Nov. 1850:
Gosman, John J., head, wm, 29, farmer, mar., OH
Susanna E., wife, wf, 32, mar., MD
Matilda A., dau., wf, 7, attends school, OH
Mary M., dau., wf, 6, attends school, OH
Joseph A., son, wm, 4, attends school, OH
Susanna E., dau., wf, 3, OH
Martha E., dau., wf, 4 mos., OH
John & Susanna can't read or write.

1860 Census, Ohio, Deavertown, York Twp., Morgan Co., Roll 1016, pg.539 (lst half) house #2159, l.13, dated 9 August 1860:
Gossman, John, m, 40, farmer, $3,000, $600, OH
Susannah, wife, f, 42(43), OH(MD)
Matilda A., dau, f, 17, domestic, OH
Mary, dau, f, 15, OH
Joseph, son, m, 12, OH
Susannah, dau, f, 10, OH
Martha E., dau, f, 9, OH
John, son, m, 7, OH
Francis A., son, m, 5, OH
Vincent, son, m, 3, OH
Agathy, dau, f, 2, OH

House #2160, line 24:
Gossman, Catharine*, f, 73, Wirtenburg,GER
Wanamaker, Susanna, f, 11 (no relationship given), OH
*Catharine is the second wife of John's father Andrew.

1870 Census, Ohio, Muskingum Co., Adams Twp., Roll 1250, Dated _______:
Brecht, Leonard, 28, GER
NOTE: Baden, Germany

1880 Census, Iowa, Iowa Co., Lenox Twp., ED200, Sheet 9 (stamped 126A), Line 20, Stamped Page 126A, Dwelling & Family 66, Roll 345, Dated June 5, 1880:
Brecht, Leonard, wm, 38, mar., farmer, GER,GER,GER
S. E., wife, wf, 32, OH,OH,PA
John, son, wm, 9, at school, single, OH,GER,OH
George, son, wm, 7, at school, single, IA,GER,OH
Susannah, dau, wf, 5, single, IA,GER,OH
Isabell, dau, wf, 3, single, IA,GER,OH
Leo, son, wm, 1, single, IA,GER,OH
NOTE: Leonard and his parents were all born in Baden, Germany.

1900 Census, Iowa, Iowa Co., Lenox Twp., Vol. 36, ED44, Stamped Pg.124A, Sheet 4, Line 13, Dwelling & Family 57, Roll 438, Dated June 7, 1900:
Brecht, Leonard, wm, 58, Feb.1842, farmer?, GER,GER,GER
Susannah, wife, wf, 52, Feb.1848, had 12 children, 12 living, OH,OH,PA
Anna (Susannah), dau, wf, 25, Jan.1875, IA,GER,OH
Leo, son, wm, 21, Oct.1878, IA,GER,OH
Caroline, dau, wf, 17, Mar.1883, IA,GER,OH
Ella, dau, wf, 16, Jan.1884, IA,GER,OH
Leonard, son, wm, 14, Jan.1886, IA,GER,OH
Vernick (Veronica), dau, wf, 12, Apr.1888, IA,GER,OH
William, son, wm, 10, Oct.1889, IA,GER,OH
Edgar, son, wm, 8, Mar.1892, IA,GER,OH

1910 Census, Iowa, Iowa Co., Lenox Twp., ED47, Page 9B, Line 52, Dwelling 161, Family 163, Roll 407, Dated May 11, 1910:
Brecht, Leonard, wm, 67(68), M40yrs., farmer, GER,GER,GER
Sunnah (Susannah), wife, wf, 61(62), M40yrs., 12 children, 11 living, OH,OH,PA
William, son, wm, 20, (home) farm laborer IA,GER,OH
Edgar, son, wm, 18, (home) farm laborer, IA,GER,OH
All read and write.

1920 Census, IA, Linn Co., Fairfax Twp., Roll 499, ED91, Sh.4B, Line 80, 12 Jan. 1920:
Brecht, Leonard, head, wm, 77, mar., GER,GER,GER
Suzana E., wife, wf, 71, mar., OH,OH,PA
Leonard immigrated to US in 1854, naturalized in 1865; no occupation; owns house-free of mortgage; both read & write.

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Gossman John William [Male] b. 12 DEC 1851 Rose Farm, Morgan Co, OH - d. 1 DEC 1922 Crooksville, Perry Co, OH

The cause of his death was stomach trouble.

General Notes: John William Gossman was a farmer in the summer time and a coal miner in the winter time.
Perry County, Ohio, Marriage Records: Year 1873, Gossman, John W. m. Mary Giles, Book 5, Page 341.
Church of the Atonement Cemetery, Section D, Row 7, John W. Gossman, b. Dec. 12, 1851, d. Dec. 1, 1922.

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Nash Peter Sr. [Male] b. 18 JAN 1838 Bieringen, Wurtenberg, Germany - d. MAR 1922 Corning, Perry Co, OH

The cause of his death was acute Ileo Colitis.

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Nash Edward Peter [Male] b. 10 DEC 1878 Chapel Hill, Perry Co, OH - d. 3 AUG 1968 New Lexington, Perry Co, OH

The cause of his death was coronary Thrombosis due to ASH Disease.

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Nash Casper Albert [Male] b. 11 JUL 1882 Chapel Hill, Perry Co, OH - d. 22 JAN 1954 Chapel Hill, Perry Co, OH

The cause of his death was angina Pectoris due to Arteriosclerosis

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Angler Jacob [Male] b. ABT. 1827 France - d. 15 JAN 1893 Perry Co, OH

The cause of his death was consumption.

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Kronenbitter Bridget C. [Female] b. 1854 - d. 23 SEP 1934 Corning, Perry Co, OH

Bridget was born in 1854, died on 23 Sep 1934 in Corning, Bearfield Twp., Perry Co., OH, at age 80, and was buried in Sep 1934 in Maplewood, New Lexington Cemetery, Ward 36, Row 10, Pike Twp., Perry Co., OH. The cause of her death was mitral regurgitation

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Brecht John Bernard [Male] b. 2 FEB 1871 Coshocton, Coshocton Co, OH - d. 18 JAN 1922

Railroad telegrapher.

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Gossman George Edward [Male] b. 25 SEP 1874 Crooksville, Perry Co, OH - d. 8 JUN 1957 Normal, McLean Co, IL


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Giles Mary Jane [Female] b. 22 JAN 1854 McLuney, Perry Co, OH - d. 6 APR 1906 Rose Farm, Morgan Co, OH

The cause of her death was consumption.

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Dickinson Emily Elizabeth [Female] b. 1830 - d. 1886

poet, whose poems were published posthumously.

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Bock Valentine [Male] b. ABT. 1858 Indiana - d. AFT. 1938

The 1910 Census also shows that The Valentine Bock family had a 15-year-old girl named Emma Dean boarding with them. It shows that they were living in "Wichita City"

The marriage records of Sedgwick County also show a Valentine Bock marrying a Josephine Givens on 09/02/1908. Who is this? Is it the same Valentine with a 3rd wife?

Old directories show a company called Courtney & Bock (Michael Courtney, Valentine Bock), grocers at 238 n. Main in Wichita, in 1904-1905.

1902 directory shows V. Bock, salesman, NE corner Emporia & First

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Mies Mary Ann [Female] b. 7 MAY 1884 St. Mark's, Sedgwick Co, KS - d. 13 MAY 1940 Maize, Sedgwick Co, KS

Her parents were from Minnesota

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Marguerite [Female] b. ABT. 1909 KS

Also called Mary M. in some records.

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Givens Josephine [Female]

lived to be over 80 years old

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Bock Barbara Belle [Female]

Also known as Sister Cornelia Bock


Friends, family and community gathered May 31 - June 1, 2008, in the Dominican Chapel of the Plains, 3600 Broadway, Great Bend KS to celebrate the service and religious vocation of 12 Dominican Sisters. Sister Salesia Schneweis celebrated 80 years of religious profession; Sister Rosalia Govert and Sister Ruth Klein celebrated 75 years of religious profession; Sister Cornelia Bock and Sr. Coletta Masterson celebrated 70 years of religious profession; Sister Mary Ellen Dater, Sister Geraldine Eakes, Sister Sibyllina Mueller, and Sister Charlotte Unrein celebrated 60 years of religious profession, and Sister Kathleen Andrews, Sister Kevin Clavin, and Sister Dominic Haug celebrated 50 years of religious profession.

Born in Anaheim CA, Sr. Cornelia Bock is the daughter of the late Paul and Barbara Diefenbach Bock. Sr. Cornelia served for more than 20 years as a missionary nurse in Nigeria, Africa where she was a teacher, nurse, midwife, and later the formation director and superior of the Nigerian Sisters. After returning to the United States, she served as a pastoral minister, and as a volunteer in AIDS ministry. Today, Sr. Cornelia is the assistant librarian at the motherhouse.

Dear Jim,

First: Grandpa Valentine Bock was married twice. Ida Jansen Bock was My dad's (Paul Bock) mother. She died 13 days after dad was born. His grandparents Matthew and Helena Jansen took him into
their home and raised him as one of their family. When Paul was nineteen his father married Josephine Givens. Valentine and Josephine had three children, Margurite, Jane and John.
I do not know why Paul was listed twice in the census. Valentine was living in Wichita. I do not know if he lived with his dad or with his grandparents after he returned home from St. Benedict's in Atchison. Both Valentine and Josephine lived to be over 80 years old.

Yes, you are related on both sides of the family. Your great great grandfather was my mother's (Barbara Diefenbach) first cousin. Your great great grandmother was my father's aunt.

Second: I was born in Anaheim California. My parents lived in California from 1918 to 1926. They moved from Schulte, Kansas. They returned to farm in Kingman County Kansas in the Willowdale community. My brother Dick was in the Naval Air Corps during WWII and died in a plane crash. He is buried in Willowdale. My parents retired in Kingman but are buried in Willowdale.

My siblings have all died, Ida Evelyn died at the age of 5 weeks, the others Helen Idel, Paul Richard, Robert Valentine, John Joseph, and my foster-sister Margaret (mom's niece). I (Barbara Belle) am the last of the Paul and Barbara Bock family.

If there is any other information I could supply, Please feel free to ask.

God bless you.

Sister Cornelia Bock OP

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Sittler Walter [Male] b. --Not Shown-- Chicago, IL

The German actor.

Date of Birth
5 December 1952, Chicago, Illinois, USA

6' 4½" (1.94 m)

Sigrid Klausmann (29 May 1985 - present) 3 children

Was born in Chicago, USA and therefore also has an American passport apart from his German one.

Lives in Stuttgart, Germany with his wife and their three children.

Studied acting at the Otto-Falckenberg-Schule in Munich.

Children: Jennifer Sittler (1985), Benedikt (1987), Lea-Marie (1989).

His father was an American professor for literature, his mother a German teacher.

Youngest of eight children.

Made his stage debut at the Nationaltheater in Mannheim (1981).

Born in Chicago, but grew up in Germany

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Overweg Margarethe [Female]

Still alive in 2007 in Germany.

Was an English teacher, last deputy head mistress in the boarding school Schloss Salem, a boarding school with campuses in Salem and Überlingen in Baden-Württemberg, Southern Germany. It is considered as one of the most prestigious elite schools in Europe and is often attended by German and European nobility.

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Sittler Barbara [Female]

Lives in Chicago.

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Sittler Karl [Male]

Lives in Switzerland.

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