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Morey William Amos [Male] b. 5 JAN 1866 NY

Willie A. is found in the Wichita City Directory for 1888 as a farmer living with his parents at 1903 So. Mosley. Married Laura after 1900, and moved to San Diego, CA. He apparently had no descendants living in 1959, when the estate of his cousin Maude A. MOREY was distributed.

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Morey Rosa Belle [Female] b. 11 JAN 1868 Alpine, Kent Co, MI - d. 17 APR 1941 Secor, IL

Rose B. is found in the Wichita City Directory for 1888 as a cavasser living with her parents at 1903 So. Mosley. Married May 12, 1889, Wichita, KS, Michael Frank CONNER (b. Aug. 7, 1857, Kokomo, IN; d. Jul. 11, 1928, Secor, IL).

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Morey Jennie [Female] b. 23 NOV 1869 Alpine, Kent Co, MI - d. 19 NOV 1897 Fort Worth, Tarrant Co, TX

Jennie is found in the Wichita City Directory for 1888 as a dressmaker living with her parents at 1903 So. Mosley. Married Frank SKINNER, who deserted her (no children). She lived with her parents until her early death. There is some mystery from family sources surrounding Jennie's death and burial, and Oakwood Cemetery records her death date as Nov. 11, 1896.

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Morey Charles Clemeth [Male] b. 10 SEP 1871 Alpine, Kent Co, MI - d. 12 MAR 1959 Tacoma, WA

Charley is found in the Wichita City Directory for 1888 as a salesman living with his parents at 1903 So. Mosley. He moved to Tacoma, Pierce Co., WA by 1926 where he owned a grocery store. Tacoma City Directories give residence as 1233 So. J in the 1926-1936 editions, 811 S Cushman Ave. in 1937-1951, and 915 S Cushman Ave. in 1952-1957. Married Feb. 15, 1896, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX, Almo Kristina LINDBERG (b. Sweden; d. 1944, Tacoma, Pierce Co., WA). Charlie's funeral arrangements were handled by the Mountain View Funeral Home, with Rev. Jack M. TUELL officiating, and included a recitation of Alfred Tennyson's "Crossing the Bar." Son: Leon married twice, the second time to Alice Irene CONANT (Leon had no children).

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Freeman Aretus Erastus [Male] b. 26 JUN 1879 Rutherfordton, Rutherford Co, NC - d. 31 DEC 1946 Seattle, King Co, WA

Reet received a Diploma from Draughon's Business College of Fort Worth, TX on Oct. 17, 1907 with the following grades in percent:Bookeeping 94; Penmanship 88; Banking 91; Commercial arithmetic 94; Correspondence 93; Spelling 90; and Deportment 98. The FREEMAN family moved from Fort Worth, TX to MI, and then to Tacoma, WA in 1909, residing at 1824 So. J St. (1909-10) 1505 So. I St. (1911), 1715 So. J St. (1912-13), 2122 So. J St. (1914-1915), and 5411 So. L (1916-1926), where the phone number as MAdison 1730. In the 1910 census of Tacoma, Pierce Co., WA, Reet is listed as an accountant, employed by Puget Sound Electric Ry. All family members appear in the 1920 census of Tacoma, Pierce Co., WA, where Reet is listed as an auditor, working for wages for streerailway, and Minnie is listed as a soap canvasser, working house to house for her own account. The 1920 census indicates the FREEMANs owned their home, but it is unclear whether or not it was mortgaged (probably not). The Tacoma City Directory of 1920 lists Reet's occupation as auditor, and employer as: Tacoma Railway & Power Co, Puget Sound Electric Railway, Pacific Traction Co and Tacoma Division of Puget Sound Power & Light Co. In 1927, the family moved to Seattle, King Co., WA, and resided at 2159 10th Ave. West, where the family lived at the time of the 1930 census of Seattle, King Co., WA. In 1930, Reet was Assistant Treasurer of Puget Sound Power and Light. Married Dec. 21, 1902, at Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX, by J. D. Young, Methodist minister.

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Freeman Elsie Maye [Female] b. 29 SEP 1903 Fort Worth, Tarrant Co, TX - d. 9 APR 1989 Tacoma, Pierce Co, WA

Elsie and Owen moved to Bremerton in 1930, where they lived for over 45 years before moving to Tacoma. Both work for Puget Sound Naval Shipyard; she in the comptroller department, and he as chief analyst and scheduler for the machinery division. Owen served as a member of the Bremerton School Board for 16 years and the Washington State Board of Education for 8 years. He was also president of the Olympic College Board of Trustees. Elsie and Owen celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary in 1988. Residence: Tacoma, WA. Children of Elsie and Owen: Betty Ann PATTERSON and Douglas Wraye PATTERSON.

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Freeman George Aretus [Male] b. 23 JAN 1906 Fort Worth, Tarrant Co, TX - d. 16 AUG 2005 Seattle, King Co, WA

Pursuing an interest in radio that had begun in the early 1920s, Uncle George Freeman was a radio operator from 1926 to 1929 at a cannery in Portock, AK, and aboard ships making calls along the Pacific coast from San Diego, CA to Ketchican, AK. When he boarded the freighter Point Lobos in March of 1929, Uncle George maintained a daily diary over the next four months, until he left the ship on July 8th, being "Thru with going to Sea for life & no foolin'." The diary entry of April 2nd at San Francisco indicates an interest that would eventually lead him into television engineering: "Also was taken up to the Telephoto Division of the Bell Tel. Co. & was introduced to the chief Engineer. This is the main branch for the Telephoto system over the entire U.S. He showed & explained most of the apparatus & I could follow him almost to the dot as I had studied a little on this science."

Uncle George became a charter member of the Radio Pioneers of America, with a career that found him instrumental in establishing various radio and television stations in Washington, Alaska and California. While working for KRSC radio in 1944, he recorded a disc of his mother's "Old, Old Story" recitation. Fifty three years later, a sound bite from that recording is on this web site. By Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 1948, Chief Engineer George Freeman and his crew had completed preparations for the inaugural broadcast of KRSC-TV, the first Seattle TV station - now KING-TV. In 1953 he was Chief Engineer at KMBY-TV and KSBW-TV in Monterey and Salinas, CA. Before his retirement, Uncle George also was Chief Engineer at KOMO-TV.

A Texan by birth, Uncle George moved to Tacoma, WA at age 3, and then to Seattle at age 21. He had many interests besides his broadcasting career. He delighted in having his nephews and nieces sailing with him in the Serene, which he had built, and flying with him in both land and sea planes. Uncle George introduced us to many of the new electronic gadgets - remember the wire recorders that preceeded tape recorders? If the wire came off the spool you really had a mess!

It was a snowy and icy Super Bowl Sunday, January 28, 1996, when a ninetieth birthday anniversary celebration was held for Uncle George in Tacoma, WA. The weather conditions could not keep away his admiring friends and relatives, from all around the Puget Sound area of Washington, and from California and Alaska. Among Uncle George's guests were all eight of his nephews and nieces [photo - 45K].

Uncle George celebrates his 91st birthday on January 23, 1997, honored and loved by his extended family. And I must remember to get him to autograph his photo in my First Edition copy of Puget Sounds: A Nostalgic Review of Radio and TV in the Great Northwest. On Jan. 18, 1997 Uncle George autographed his photo, with his sister-in-law Aunt Ruby as witness. [photo - 28K]

Uncle George celebrated his 98th birthday on January 23, 2004. He and his sister, Aunt Eva Brown, were guests of honor at a family luncheon at the Yankee Grill in Ballard on January 17th, Aunt Eva's 91st birthday! [photo - 95K]

The Seattle Times - Aug. 19, 2005


Born January 23, 1906, in Ft. Worth, Texas, and died August 16, 2005, in Seattle. A charter member of the Radio Pioneers of America, he served as station engineer for the first FM station in Salinas, California. He also designed and engineered KRSC--Seattle's first TV station. For many years George served as a ships radio operator on commercial voyages to Alaska. At age 99-plus he still remembered Morse telegraphic code.
George's family recall fondly many Sunday afternoon Puget Sound outings on his 36-foot Ed Monk sloop, the Serene, which he built single-handedly in his own backyard.
George was preceded in death by his wife, Olga, his brother Morey Freeman, and his sisters Elsie Patterson and Iva Lawson. He is survived by his sister Eva Brown of Shoreline and six nieces and nephews who will greatly miss him. We love you, Uncle George. Graveside service will be at Evergreen-Washelli August 20 at 10:30 a.m.

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Freeman William Morey [Male] b. 17 OCT 1909 Tacoma, Pierce Co, WA - d. 1 DEC 1979 Seattle, King Co, WA

worked as a cook and in various other capacities aboard ship. He was an accomplished saxaphonist. In 1930, Morey was single, living at his parents' home and a ticket agent for a stage company. Married first, Mildred CONNELL (d. 1938, bur. Tacoma, WA), and second Jan. 3, 1939, Seattle, WA, Ruby Matilda FORS (b. Oct. 11, 1910, Rossland, BC, Canada; d. Jul. 7, 1997, Seattle, King Co., WA; bur. Jul. 9, 1997, Evergreen Cemetery, Seattle, WA), daughter of Oscar and Matilda FORS. Children of Morey and Ruby: Janice Morene and Randolph Helge (d. as infant)

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Freeman Iva Melvina [Female] b. 17 JAN 1913 Tacoma, Pierce Co, WA - d. 9 JUL 1991 Seattle, King Co, WA

b. Jan. 17, 1913, Tacoma, Pierce Co., WA (2:00 am); d. Jul. 9, 1991, Seattle, King Co., WA (2:00 pm); bur. Jul. 27, 1991, Hillcrest Memorial Park, Grants Pass, Josephine Co., OR [photo]. A Christian with membership in Baptist and independent churches, she was employed in mid-1940s as laundry worker at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, in mid-1950s as bookkeeper at McKales Service Stations, and to 1970 as personnel clerk at The Boeing Company (Social Security No. 532 22 9083). Iva died of cancer at Queen Anne Care Center after living there 7 months. A memorial service was held on Jul. 20, 1991 at the Berean Bible Church, Seattle, WA. Her ashes were interred in the grave of her husband the following week, with son Steve and granddaughter Dawn present. Iva's death appeared in the Vital Statistics column in the Seattle P.I., on July 17, and in the Times, on July 26, 1991. She was born at 1715 So. J Street, Tacoma, WA, and also lived at 5411 So. L, Tacoma, and 2159 10th Ave. West, Seattle, WA prior to her marriage. Residence from 1976: 15305 - 52nd West, Edmonds, WA; 709 West Halladay, 14701 Dayton Ave. North, and 2717 Dexter Ave. North, Seattle, WA. She was the daughter of Aretus Erastus FREEMAN and Minnie Elsie MOREY

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Lawson Donald VanHoosier [Male] b. 20 DEC 1908 Seattle, King Co, WA - d. 24 APR 1974 Grants Pass, Josephine Co, OR

b. Dec. 20, 1908, Seattle, King Co., WA; d. Apr. 24, 1974, Grants Pass, Josephine Co., OR (11:15 am); bur. Hillcrest Memorial Park, Grants Pass, OR (grave 5, section 20, block 8) [photo]. Son of James Martin LAWSON and Lucy Jane FREEMAN. A Delayed Birth Certificate was filed Oct. 11, 1954, supported by an affidavit of brother Clyde LAWSON, birth certificate of son Donald F. LAWSON, 1940 voter's registration, and 1942 Civil Service insurance policy copy. His death certificate gives carcinoma bronchogenis (8 mos.) as cause of death. Baptized at Seattle First Baptist Church. Residences: 1908-1915 Seattle, WA; 1916-1920 Muskogee, OK; 1921-1941 Seattle, WA; 1942-1950 Oak Harbor, WA; 1950-1959 Seattle, WA; 1960-1970 Vashon, WA; 1970-1974 Grants Pass, OR. Of the over 30 residences Don lived at after his marriage, he owned 9: two in Oak Harbor within a half mile of the High School; 16382 - 28th Place N. E., in Lake City Homes north of Seattle; 11100 - 59th Ave. So., on southeast Beacon Hill, Seattle; three on Vashon Island, at Tramp Harbor (Rt. 2, Box 392, Vashon), Quartermaster Harbor (Rt. 1 Box 77, Burton), and Vashon Heights (Rt. 1, Box 430, Vashon); across from Rogue River City, OR (5473 Rogue River Highway, Gold Hill); and a mobile home located at Grants Pass, OR (3764 Rogue River Highway, Space 8). In Jan. 1946, the Oak Harbor Farm Bureau News carried the following ad for his second owned home: "For Sale: four rooms and bath on 10 acres cleared land. City water, house unfinished $3,200 full price. Lawson's Place in Little Bellingham south of the high school." Don was employed as a laundry truck driver, WPA laborer, gardener, and department store salesman in the 1930s, as Ship's Service store manager at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station 1942-1950, and as storekeeper at Boeing 1951-1969 (Social Security No. 531 01 6560). Married Sep. 10, 1932, at the Freeman home, 2159 10th Ave. West, Seattle, WA, by Rev. E. A. Fridell, with Eva Freeman and Thomas W. Lawson, witnesses

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Lawson Stephen Martin [Male] b. --Not Shown-- Seattle, King Co, WA

Author of geneology website

Stephen M. Lawson's Kinnexions is maintained as a means of sharing over five decades of family history information on all of my ancestral lines. The search began in the usual manner, by questioning my parents and grandparents about their origins. On my paternal lines, information beyond my grandparents would not be shared. But I was able to obtain basic data on my maternal great grandparents. My earliest family history notes are from 1954. From those very sparse beginnings, bits and pieces were slowly added.

Three of my four grandparents have roots in the southern states. Once the connection was made to my maternal grandmother's New England roots, that branch blossomed rapidly - though there are a few limbs that are bare stubs - notably the Smith-Wheeler ancestry of Tamma (Smith) Merrill. The southern lines have been much more difficult to establish and document. Since a great amount of the information gathered has been shared by many distant cousins, Kinnexions is my means of sharing with others.

Please read the Fine Print page concerning the lack of documentation on some lines. Some information on this site is based on very slim circumstantial evidence, or even on conjecture. While I will attempt to assist other tree climbers in establishing their lines, I will not depart very far from my direct lines and will not guarantee any information provided. No charge is made for assistance, and you get what you pay for (well, maybe a little more).

A bit of personal information about Stephen M. Lawson:

Born in Seattle, WA in 1938, I lived in and around the Puget Sound area for 18 years - in 18 different residences! After graduation from Renton High School in 1956, I entered the Army Signal Corps, attended The Signal School at Fort Monmouth, NJ, and spent a bit over two years in Anchorage and Healy Fork with the Alaska Communications System. After discharge in 1959, I was employed for 6 years as an electronics technician with John Fluke Manufacturing, and with the Boeing Company in Seattle, Los Angeles and New Orleans. Returning to the Seattle area, I obtained a BA in Economics, with a minor in History, from the University of Washington in 1968. With Teaching Certificate in hand, I became a mathematics teacher (you figure it!) at Central Kitsap Junior High in Silverdale, WA. But, after a brief subsequent period as instructor in accounting at a private business school, I left teaching and became a Bank Examiner with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in 1970. In late 1972, I left FDIC and was employed as an operations officer at a savings bank and a commercial bank over the next 9 years. From 1981 to 1987, I was not employed, and made great progress researching my family tree. Finally, from 1987 to 1996, I was employed as a computer operator and scheduler at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, WA - taking advantage of an early retirement offer on February 29, 1996.

Never married. That certainly shortens this paragraph!

I'm a Christian with tendencies toward the classic reformed position, quite close to the New England Puritan beliefs. The Christian heritage received from family history is varied - Puritan, Congregational, Presbyterian from New England, and Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist from the South, with some short Lutheran and Quaker lines in the Mid-Atlantic states. My personal denominational background includes a childhood in the Church of the Nazarene, profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and baptism at age 12 in the Ridgecrest Community Baptist Church, and membership in Baptist, Congregational, Christian Reformed and Presbyterian churches. While it would be simple to state that my Christian beliefs are in accordance with Scriptures, the same claim is made by others with whose stated beliefs and actions I respectfully disagree. My beliefs are best stated in the Belgic Confession and the Westminster Confession of Faith.

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Lawson Ivan [Male]


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Brown Charles Elmer [Male] b. 5 JAN 1910 Seattle, King Co, WA - d. 11 JUN 1999 Seattle, King Co, WA

retired from Food Giant stores, and Eva from Frederick and Nelson. Charles died following a heart attack on Jun. 7, 1999, with his last words being "I love you," to his wife of over 66 years. Children of Eva and Charles: Patricia Isabelle BROWN and Marilyn Elsie BROWN.

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Bogart Humphrey [Male] b. 25 DEC 1899 - d. 1957

The Actor

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Ball Lucille [Female] b. 1911 - d. 1989

television producer, comedienne, and actress, married Desiderio Alberto 'Desi' ARNAZ III (1917-1986) and Gary MORTON.

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Loomis Samuel [Male]

Died as infant.

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Loomis Mary [Female]

Died in infancy.

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Loomis Thomas [Male]

Died as infant.

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Olmsted Nicholas Capt. [Male] b. ABT. 1612 Fairsted, Essex, England - d. 31 AUG 1684 Hartford, Hartford Co, CT

Nicholas OLMSTED - bap. Feb. 15, 1612, Fairsted, Essex, England; d. Aug. 31, 1684, Hartford, CT (will dated Aug. 20, 1683 and proved Nov. 25, 1684). Son of James OLMSTED and Joyce CORNISH. To Boston and Hartford with father. Served in Pequot War. Surveyor of highways; 1646; townsman for North side between 1653 and 1683; Corporal 1658; freeman 1669; deputy to General Court 1672 and 1673. Served in King Philip's War and made Capt. Aug. 26, 1675. Married second Mary, perhaps the widow Mary LORD, but she was not the widow of Dr. Thomas LORD, who married Gregory WOLTERTON as his third wife (see TAG 68:160-75). Nicholas married first on Sep. 28, 1640 at Hartford, Hartford Co., CT.

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Olmsted Mabel [Female] b. ABT. 1645 Hartford, Hartford Co, CT

b. about 1645, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT. Her father's will, dated Aug. 20, 1683 and proved Nov. 25, 1684 names "son Samuel BUTLER" and "daughter Mabel BUTLER." Married first Sgt. Daniel BUTLER (d. Mar. 28, 1692), son of Richard BUTLER and Elizabeth BIGELOW; and second at Windsor, Hartford Co., CT on Aug. 26, 1697 Michael TAINTOR. Children of Mabel and Daniel BUTLER: Sarah married John EASTON; Mabel married Ebenezer KELLOGG; Elizabeth married Daniel CLARK; Mary; and Hannah married Israel NEWTON

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